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Promoting Rights, Choice and Independence

The "Peach" Philosophy

Many Organisations espouse laudable principles, but not all of them manage to embed them so firmly and fundamentally as Expanding Horizons. We measure every step taken or decision made against the “PEACH” principle of support.

Person Led

Person-Led practice starts with the person, respects their rights to lead their lives as any other citizens and recognises their ability and potential to take the lead in all aspects of their life, thus preserving their identity. Our services are tailored to individual needs and preferences. “Person-centred” has developed into “person-led” at Ty Bryn Bach as “person-centred” implies a passive recipient, whilst person-led is a more empowering notion..

Empowering Service Users

Empowerment is about enabling people and their carers to retain control over their lives, recognising that in the process of empowering clients and carers, professionals must be prepared to be disempowered.” People are not seen as a ‘burden’ but as citizens who have a valuable contribution to make. Service users are encouraged to retain and apply skills. Service users and their carers are supported to take responsibility where they want to, and we actively seek opportunities which could promote service users’ participation and fulfilment.

Attachment Based Approach

Attachment is a basic human need where a sense of security is gained through the presence of a trusted person or the familiarity of a place. Over time attachment can develop towards a trusted person such as a support worker, or to a place such as a person’s home environment, enabling a sensitive and gradual partnership of care and support to evolve. This principle is applied in a myriad of different ways; recognising and supporting the individual’s attachment to their carer, family and friends, so providing support to enable these relationships to continue; matching staff to service users; introducing people to services gradually, building up familiarity and keeping the same staff involved from beginning to end if at all possible.

Continuity Of Care

Continuity is, in one sense, closely allied to attachment. The continuity of care provided by a small team of staff, from the same locality, offers familiarity and security. In another sense, a person’s history, routines, interests and lifestyle is important to his or her health and well-being. In addition to assessing need, our support planning process goes into great detail about likes, dislikes, interests, lifestyles etc.

Home Life

To continue to life as an active, valued and participating members of the community. While our determination to enable people to live in their own homes for as long as they choose to do so does not succeed in every case, it does in many, even where the individual may need complex packages of intensive support. Emphasis on this aspiration helps to minimize the number of occasions when people do end up entering institutional care, motivating staff to do everything possible to avoid that outcome.