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Quality Assurance

We understand the importance of quality and ensure it underpins everything we do.

Everyone at Expanding Horizons has a personal and professional commitment to providing excellent care, whether in a residential home, a supported living service or in the home of someone they care for. Truly excellent care is about much more than compliance.

It‘s about every individual‘s actions and responsibility. It‘s about always recognising what is expected by the people we care for and the organization‘s on whose behalf we provide care. It‘s about personally making improvements and never being satisfied.

We make sure that everything we do is continually scrutinised. We get feedback from those who use our services and we have put in place robust and frequent systems to monitor and audit our service standards in every part of our organisation.

Everyone at Expanding Horizons has met rigorous standards of competence and commitment. They have up to date skills and everyone‘s performance is regularly reviewed. It‘s what each individual does each day that delivers Expanding Horizons‘ commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety in everything we do.

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