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At Expanding Horizons, we have vast experience in working with those with Autism. Over time we build an Autism Profile for each person and we encourage people to gain self-awareness and increased understanding of their Autism. This enables us to provide the support which makes the most of the gifts and skills their Autism can bring, as well as seeking to reduce the difficulties each person will face. Our aim is to ensure a real sense of wellbeing and self-worth. 

We encourage and motivate each person to feel good about themselves. We support people to gain confidence and do the things that are important to them and ultimately to lead happy and fulfilled lives.

Our services for people with autism are based on best practice. This includes the TEACCH approach which is about structuring and organising schedules and the SPELL framework, which emphasises the importance of ‘low arousal’, calm and ordered environments. Our experienced and well-trained staff are supported by our Behavioural Specialist who has a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with autistic people.

We understand that people may feel anxious about change. We ensure that each person has a transition plan which includes pre-visits, personal information booklets, photo’s, maps, timetables, social stories and schedules to ensure everyone feels welcome as well as comfortable.

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