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Welcome to the latest news from Expanding Horizons

Dave -Service User

Dave's Journey: Triumph Over Mental Health Challenges at Penywaun Bungalow

Discover Dave's inspiring journey of triumph over mental health challenges at Penywaun Bungalow with Expanding Horizons. Read of his remarkable transformation and the unwavering support of our dedicated team.

expanding horizons care blog

Nurturing Well-Being and Enriching Lives with Expanding Horizons

At Expanding Horizons we transform lives through support, engagement, and boundless opportunities for personal growth and well-being.

CREWS Values Expanding Horizons

Embracing the CREWS values of Supported Living

At Expanding Horizons we embody our CREWS values: Caring, Responsive, Effective, Well-Led, and Safe. We prioritise service users, respond swiftly to their needs, provide comprehensive care, foster a nurturing environment, and prioritise safety. Together, we create exceptional services that empower individuals to broaden their horizons and reach their fullest potential.

Director - Ellis Jenkins

Transforming Lives Together: The Power of Relationships in Leadership - Insights from Director Ellis Jenkins

Ellis Jenkins, Director of Expanding Horizons explores the transformative power of building meaningful relationships in leadership. Exploring the impact of trust, communication, support, and inspiration in empowering individuals with learning disabilities and mental health conditions to reach their full potential.

happy supported living people

Building a Safe, Happy, and Empowering Environment for Our Service Users

We understand that the right environment can make all the difference in the lives of our service users. That is why we are committed to providing a safe, happy, and empowering environment for everyone at our services.

Eva house service is under renovation

We are renovating our Eva House service

A significant renovation is underway at our Eva House service in Bargoed, Caerphilly. Eva house has been a service at Expanding Horizons in previous years, but after a few years of the house not being used for supported living, we have decided to bring this property back into our service line up, with a modern and improved design to better serve the needs of the community. 

team photo at awards

Expanding Horizons lifted a top award at the prestigious Great British Care Awards for Wales

We won ‘The Care Employer Award’ at the awards staged in Cardiff. 

out in the community

The importance of community engagement at Expanding Horizons

Community engagement is a vital aspect of life at Expanding Horizons. It provides a sense of connection and purpose, and can improve overall well-being and mental health. By working to create inclusive and supportive communities, we can ensure that all individuals are able to participate and thrive!


New self-contained flat opens at our Clerk Green service

A new self-contained flat has been developed at our Clerk Green service in Maesycwmmer, Caerphilly. Over the last 7 weeks, we have been working on converting a garage at the back of the property into a modern living space with a bedroom/living area, kitchen, and bathroom. 

We are Support Specialists of the Year

We have won an award! We are very proud to have won the Prestige Awards - Support Specialists of the Year